Knitting Oil

SUNLUBE – T 22/32/46

(Washable Knitting Machine Oil)


SUNLUBE – T oils are specially formulated for lubrication of all applications on hosiery, circular and flat knitting machines needles, sinkers and cam boxes, from special base stocks. It is further fortified with Antiwear, Antioxidant additives to extend the life of components coming in contact with the oil.

Technical Data:

Appearance Bright & Clear Liquid Bright & Clear Liquid Bright & Clear Liquid
Color White/Light Yellow White/Light Yellow White/Light Yellow
Base Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil
ISO Viscosity @ 40oC 20 – 24 30 – 34 44 – 48
Viscosity Index 95 95 100
Density 0.86 – 0.87 0.86 – 0.87 0.86 – 0.88
Flash Point > 180oC > 180oC > 180oC
Pour Point – 9oC – 9oC – 10oC
Copper Strip Corrosion Negative Corrosion Negative Corrosion Negative
Washable Yes Yes Yes
Lubricity Additive Yes Yes Yes




.. Premium Base Oil: SUNLUBE – T oils are compounded from premium base oil and hence do not leave any gummy, carbonaceous deposits which cause stains on the fabric.

.. Longer Life of the Needle: SUNLUBE – T oils are fortified with a special antiwear, friction modifier, antioxidant, etc. additives which protects the surface of the needle thereby increasing the life of the needles.

.. High Speed Knitting: Due to non gumming property with the premium base oil of

SUNLUBE – T it is possible to run the machine at higher speeds.

.. Scourable & Water washable: SUNLUBE – T oils are completely scourable and water washable and hence stains, if any, can easily be removed in the subsequent stages.

.. Reduction in the operating temperature: SUNLUBE – T reduces the operating temperature of the machine because of the less friction derived by the friction modifiers, Antiwear additives


.. 20, 50 & 200 Litre.

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