Plunger Lubricants



Graphite free Plunger Lubricant


SUNLUBE – 630 is a liquid plunger lubricant for cold chamber pressure die casting machines.

SUNLUBE – 630 consists of mineral oil with special additives.

SUNLUBE – 630 contains no graphite the soiling of the machine is low.

For steel and CuBe plungers wetting and lubrication is very good.

SUNLUBE – 630 can be applied by dropping or spraying. The quantity of SUNLUBE – 630 depends on
temperature, plunger diameter and alloy; average is 2 – 5 g,


  • May be used in automatic spry system or it can be applied by drip or brush application.
  • Excellent plunger lubricants for smooth & trouble-free plunger operation
  • Excellent wetting & lubrication properties.
  • Improve casting quality & reduce rejection.
  • Improves plunger tip life.
  • Improve part quality due to consistent process.
  • Improve working environment.
  • Increase lubrication and release properties
  • Provides good uniform casting on tip.

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